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NetExtract identifies key information from web sites, extracting relevant data for clients and delivering competitive intelligence. By regularly profiling 1.85 million active UK websites from monitoring over 45 million domains, NetExtract identifies up to date business information. URLs matched to the 2.6m active UK companies have enabled NetExtract to provide clients with company trading addresses, telephone & fax numbers, and email addresses.

Regularly reprofiling websites enables NetExtract to identify changes to business information far quicker than traditional telephone researched business data. Our business information helps validate clients databases with the most recent data and fills in gaps within their database of company information.

NetExtract’s Product & Price Monitoring Services

Get competitors prices of your key products delivered to your desktop on a daily or weekly basis. Regular feeds of their prices, new/de-listed products and special promotions can benefit your pricing strategy; improve your ranking’s on shopping comparison sites and deliver competitor intelligence. View all of NetExtract’s Product & Price Monitoring Services

Key Word & Phrase Extractor

Identify customer product reviews or key words and phrases from web sites to help promote your product or service. Clients ranging from Royal Mail to the Department of Work & Pensions have identified businesses with key words and phrases on web sites, to help promote their services.

NetExtract’s Technology Lists

NetExtract provides profiles of web sites. Focusing on the UK we have indexed over 45 million domains and have profiles on 1.85 million active websites. Now ISPs, Web developers, SEO companies and other Internet related companies have a mechanism to target businesses whose web sites utilise their specialised services. By using NetExtract data you can target, for example, businesses with an eCommerce website, an SSL certificate or any one of over 40 web site characteristics. View NetExtract’s Technology Lists .

Recent lists added include businesses with a social networking presence, i.e. web sites with a link to their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, and businesses whose web site use Paypal as a online payment provider.